Tomorrow’s World

Wednesday 4 July 2018 – 7.30pm

Upstairs at The East Dulwich Tavern

And now for something completely different. at our next event, we are looking into the future and getting a peek at how new digital technology is already changing lives for the better, and how it’s likely to be revolutionising our lives in years to come. You may have heard of VR (Virtual Reality), but next week is all about ‘XR’, the next generation of all virtual, augmented and mixed reality technology – and if you don’t know what that means, this is the perfect opportunity to find out!

Our fantastic speaker is Marisol Grandon, CEO of Unfold Stories (an immersive storytelling studio based in East London) who is recognised as one of the top 100 people helping to shape the digital future of the UK. She’ll be explaining how XR is allowing people to experience new worlds and activities, and the way it brings potential for powerful new applications in many industries including media, entertainment, healthcare, education, training and charity work.

She’ll show us some great examples that demonstrate how it’s being used successfully, explore ethical considerations and chat about how these technologies may affect society in the future. Not only that, she’ll be giving us the chance to experience XR for ourselves by using VR headsets! If you haven’t tried this before (and even if you have), it’s amazing!

There will be the potential for a Q&A with Marisol on the night – so it would be really helpful if you could have a think in advance about any questions you would like to ask her about XR/VR, or anything else to do with digital technology. Please email your questions to Susan beforehand so we can feed them through to Marisol ahead of time.

And if you don’t have a clue about VR, XR or anything else digital, don’t worry! It’s going to be an eye opener for all of us, whatever our level of knowledge!

What to Bring 

Please bring along any questions you’d like to ask Marisol (if you haven’t already sent them through).

Also, see below for any food or toiletry items that you can donate on the night to our two current campaigns.

Bring some change to buy a raffle ticket or two – one of our lovely members, Tricia, is donating the silver necklace she made at Denman College as a raffle prize. This is your chance to win something unique.

And don’t forget you’re welcome to bring along a friend (as long as they haven’t been a guest 3 or more times before) – they just need to pay £3 for the night.

For further details, please contact us here

EDWI July 2018: Tomorrow’s World

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