Craft Cluv

Make and Do

Second Wednesdays – 7.00pm

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Upstairs at The Palmerston
91 Lordship Lane, London, SE22 8EP


New Crafters Welcome

For more details please email your Committee


Book Club


Upcoming Dates – 7.30pm

Monday 26 November Please note date change to: Wednesday 28th November 2018
Monday 17 December 2018 – Xmas Meal at Flaming Mangal
Monday 29th January 2019
Monday 25th February 2019
Monday 25th March 2019
Monday 29 April 2019

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About Bookclub

Importantly we’re not a scary intellectual Bookclub!

We read a wide range of different books including chick lit, biographies and other non-fiction, thrillers and the occasional classic. We do obviously chat about the books; what we liked, what we didn’t and sometimes segway into issues raised in the book. We don’t generally come armed with lists of high-brow questions! We also share recommendations of other books we’ve read and occasionally gather at someone’s house to watch a film or TV adaptation of something we’ve liked.

Overall we have a great time socialising and a bit of a discussion about the book. We all occasionally fail to actually read or finish the book but that’s no problem either, we still tend to turn up and find out what we’ve missed (or not as the case may be!) Most of all Book Club is a great opportunity to get to know a smaller, more intimate group of the East Dulwich WI.

How It Works

Each month one member brings a shortlist of books. We narrow down the books democratically using two round of voting. We generally select books at least 2 months in advance to give us ample opportunity to read them around our schedules.


Jaflong Tandoori
42 East Dulwich Road, London, SE22 9AX

There is absolutely no requirement to buy food or drink although most of us find we can’t resist the temptation! They do however cater easily for veggie, vegan and gluten free diets.


New Readers Welcome

For details please email Kirsten or Chloe. 

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