Future Campaigns

Did you know that each of the WI Campaign resolutions are proposed by WI Members?

Over the last 100 years, WI members have campaigned on an incredible range of social policy, health, food and agriculture, education, environment and international causes. By exerting their individual and collective influence, WI members have increased public awareness of the issues and brought about important policy changes.

Do you think there is a pressing issue that the WI should consider as its next campaign? If so, don’t just think about it…do something about it. Propose your resolution!

Submitting a Resolution

Members who are interested in submitting a resolution should carefully read through the guidance notes, which outline how to ensure their resolution is strongly worded and follows the shortlisting criteria.

Members need to either fill out the resolution submission form or submit their resolution online, subject to approval from their Resolution Adviser/Federation Representative.


Don’t forget to let your committee know if you are planning on making a proposal – we may be able to assist and provide support to the application.

Contact Us

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