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Full details of each of the the current campaigns run by the National Federation of WIs can be found on the My WI Portal by clicking on the campaign you wish to learn more about.

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Mental Health Matters

“Mental health matters as much as physical health. The NFWI urges all WI members to recognise the importance of parity between mental health and physical health, and take action to make it as acceptable to talk about mental health issues as much as physical health issues, and to lobby government for better support for mental illness.”

Link Together

“This meeting calls on every WI and the NFWI to work alongside health and social care providers and their local communities to raise awareness of the causes and impacts of loneliness, thus ensuring better identification of lonely people in order to be able to offer them the appropriate support and assistance.”

End Plastic Soup

“Microplastic fibres are shed from synthetic clothing with every wash and are the main contributors to microplastic contamination of the oceans. The NFWI calls on Government and industry to research and develop innovative solutions to this problem in order to stop the accumulation of microplastic fibres in our oceans.”

Food Matters

“The WI calls on all supermarkets to sign up to a voluntary agreement to avoid food waste, thereby passing surplus food onto charities thus helping to address the issue of increasing food poverty in the UK.”

Carers Welcome

“We call upon HM Government and the NHS to provide facilities to enable carers to stay with people with Alzheimer’s disease and dementia that have been admitted to hospital.”

Climate Change

More Midwives

“There are chronic shortages of midwives. The NFWI calls on the Government to increase investment in the training, employment, and retention of midwives in England and Wales to ensure services are adequately resourced and are able to deliver a high standard of care.”

SOS for Honeybees

“Honeybees play a vital role in the pollination of food crops and in our environment. In view of concerns about the accelerating decline in the UK honeybee population, this meeting urges HM Government to increase funding for research into bee health.”

Time to Talk about Organ Donation

“The NFWI notes that three people die every day whilst waiting for an organ transplant. We call on every member of the WI to make their wishes regarding organ donation known, and to encourage their families and friends, and members of their local communities to do likewise.”

Care Not Custody

“In view of the adverse effect on families of the imprisonment of people with severe mental health problems, this meeting urges HM Government to provide treatment and therapy in a more appropriate and secure residential environment.”

Supporting UK Dairy Farmers

“This meeting urges WI members to do all in their power to raise public awareness of the unfair difference between the retail prices of milk and the price paid to the farmer.”

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