April 2018

Palestinian Charity Talk and Hummus Making

April’s meeting was a fascinating one. We were excited to be welcome a representative from the Ecumenical Accompaniment Programme in Palestine and Israel. They recounted their experiences from the three months they spent in the West Bank in Palestine as a human rights observer, witnessing daily life in a country under military occupation. As well as giving us a brief history of the conflict and its complexities, they showed us photographs of the region and told us stories about the great people they met there. These included many inspirational Palestinian and Israeli women who demonstrated amazing courage and perseverance in their day to day lives.

We couldn’t talk about Israel and Palestine without talking about food! We had chance to learn about and taste some za’atar which is a delicious mix of herbs and spices from the region, popular in dips and for adding a bit of zing to dishes. Plus, we were shown how to make our own hummus, so much nicer than shop-bought!

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EDWI April 2018: Palestinian Charity Talk and Hummus Making

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