Well, I don’t know about you but what a jam-packed (ahem) year 2015 has been. As the country celebrated 100 years of the WI in the UK, thousands of us up and down the British Isles celebrated in style.

Here at East Dulwich WI we upped the ante to provide some really great events for our centenary year, and we’re lucky enough to be part of the national celebrations too! Not only did we head to Buckingham Palace to meet the Royals, we’ve also been featured in the National Press, reached out to many more local businesses and also hosted our biggest ever event – Our Christmas Party at the Rivoli Ballroom.

We’ve yarn-bombed the Goose Green Fair to raise awareness for Save the Bees; we’ve knitted squares to make blankets for the homeless; we’ve learnt to make fascinators, canapès, coasters and screen printed tea towels.

We’ve seen our local street art and heard about it’s relation to the oldest public art gallery – The Dulwich Picture Gallery; House of Colour joined us and showed us how to choose colours to make us look and feel fabulous, and then we learned how to take a perfect photograph to capture those special moments.

We are immensely proud of the events we have put on over the year, the friendships we have made with local businesses, the new skills we have learned and the community and charity events we have been part of throughout 2015. We hope you have enjoyed your year with us, and are looking to re-join for next year too.

Our membership renewal opens in January at a cost of just £37.50 for the year. Please bring cash/cheques along with you on January 6th 2016.


Finally, we are always looking for inspiring people to work with us on projects and events, so if you would like to help out, or know someone who would we would love to hear from you.

EDWI 2015 – What a year!
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