Thank you all for joining us for our 2016 Annual General Meeting!

Here is an update of all the things we discussed, including a run down of decisions voted on and agreed by the committee and members.


Your New Committee

Anna Gryce – President

Rachel Butler – Vice President/Marketing

Kirsten Ing – Treasure

Mowe Sahara – Assistant Treasurer/Assistant Fundraising

Mehreen Umar –Secretary/Campaigns

Ciaran Dance – Membership Secretary

Sarah Gillfillan – Assistant Membership Secretary

Sarah Armstrong – Website & Social Media

Cindy Rutherford – Fundraising – Standing down

Shana Maier-Taplin – Assistant Campaigns

Gabrielle Garton-Grimwood – Front of House

Olivette Facey – Front of House

Kim Haddon is a proposed new members to join the committee


Resolution Voting

  • Avoid Food Waste, Address Food Poverty
  • Appropriate Care in Hospitals for People with Dementia

We voted to support both campaigns for the next 12 months. More details on our resolutions can be found here.


Denman College Bursary

Due to a stable bank balance and great efforts with our fundraising, we have funds available for 2 people to attend a Denman college course. A ballot will take place in September to enter your name to win one of two places. If your name is drawn you are able to pick a course on a date that suits and the course fee will be paid by EDWI. More details on total amount of bursary will follow.

We also agreed to donate £100 (£1 on behalf of each of our members) to Denman college to keep it going as there is concerns it may have to close due to financial issues. More details on this are available here.


Thanks to YiaYias Greek Kitchen

We were also joined by Sarah Pylas (one of our members) and her sister in-law Eva Ryan, who gave us an insight on writing their new Greek cookery book, a how-to make your own houmous, and brought some of their signature dishes for us to try.


Our next meeting in on Wednesday 1st June, and we are joined by Bahn Bahn of Peckham giving us some tips and info on Vietnamese street food – yum!

Update from 2016 AGM
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