Don’t forget that we will be collecting for our local charity partners at this month’s Tomorrow’s World meeting on Wednesday 4th July 2018.

We will be back at the EDT this month but don’t forget we will be out and about again in September so you may want to consider making a double donation this month!

Southwark Food Bank

Southwark Foodbank Logo

The Foodbank is a store of non-perishable food donated by the local community. They partner with frontline professionals such as schools, GPs, social services and many more, who refer fellow Southwark residents to their service.

After the referral agency confirms their client’s need, they give them a voucher. This voucher is then exchanged for food by one of the Foodbank’s volunteers at the Foodbank. The amount of food they give depends on the size of the family in need, and the type of voucher they have been given.

The Foodbank pride themselves on creating a friendly, welcoming place that offers free advice and signposting to other relevant support services. Working with the community, they help their service users tackle long-term issues, as well as the immediate crisis that led them to the Foodbank.

The Foodbank regularly publishes a list of the items they are currently the most in need of. Currently these are:

Fruit Juice

Tinned Meat (pork and non-pork)

Toiletries (toothbrushes, toothpaste, shower gel, men’s deodorant)

Rice Pudding

Tinned Fruit


Cooking Sauce

For information of other donation points, and for other ways that you can help, please see the Southwark Foodbank Website.

The Red Box Project

The Red Box Project

The Red Box Project aims to quietly ensure that no young woman misses school or suffers embarrassment because she has her period.

It gives young women in need – whether for financial or social reasons – the reassurance of enough sanitary pads for their entire period plus a couple left over for next time. This is what makes it special.

It works by putting a red box filled with pads and pants into schools. Students take what’s needed, and then it gets topped up again, with donations from the community of women supporting the project.

This is a very simple, no frills project and is entirely funded by community kindness, woman to young woman.

How Can You Help

Donate pads and pants!

They specifically need sanitary pads of all absorbancies (but especially winged), night pads and tampons, plus black underwear for all sizes from age 9 upwards.

For information of other donation points, and for other ways that you can help, please visit the South East London Red Box Project Facebook Page.


For further details of the causes that we support and collect for, please contact us here

EDWI July 2018: Don’t Forget Our Foodbank and Red Box Project Collection!

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