June 2018

Croquet & Summer Picnic


On a glorious summers evening in June (no, really!) we headed to Dulwich Croquet Club near Herne Hill Station for an evening of Croquet and a Picnic.

More details and pictures of the evening and a list of the competition winners can be found here.

May 2018

Annual General Meeting and First Aid Training

Our May meeting was a busy one.

We kicked off the evening with our AGM where we had a review of all the great events of the past 12 months, a look forward to what we would be enjoying in 2018 and a brief update on our finances.

Elections were held for the Committee for the coming year, including the position of President. We had four positions on the Committee which we needed to fill.  The Committee meets up once a month for a meeting and a chat over a glass of wine to plan what’s happening over the next four weeks and we also help each month to ensure the smooth running of each event. Without a Committee nothing happens.

We had the chance to vote for or against this year’s WI Resolution which was ‘Mental health matters’. Mental health matters as much as physical health. The NFWI urged all WI members to recognise the importance of parity between mental health and physical health and take action to make it as acceptable to talk about mental health issues as much as physical health issues, and to lobby government for better support for mental illness. Your vote helped decide whether or not the NFWI develops a campaign around this issue at both a national and local level.

And then, following a short break for the rest of the evening we were lucky to have John Joseph from St John’s Ambulance coming along to give us a practical demonstration of life-saving skills. Whether it was your first time learning about First Aid or an opportunity to refresh skills you’ve learned in the past, it was such an invaluable session. John took us through accident scene tips and showed us how to use a defibrillator, do CPR, the right way to stem severe bleeding and how to distinguish between someone having a heart attack and suffering angina. You could now save a life.

April 2018

Palestinian Charity Talk and Hummus Making

April’s meeting was a fascinating one. We were excited to be welcome Bethany Elce of the Ecumenical Accompaniment Programme in Palestine and Israel. Bethany will recounted her experiences from the three months she spent in the West Bank in Palestine as a human rights observer, witnessing daily life in a country under military occupation. As well as giving us a brief history of the conflict and its complexities, she showed us photographs of the region and told us stories about the great people she met there. These included many inspirational Palestinian and Israeli women who demonstrated amazing courage and perseverance in their day to day lives.

We couldn’t talk about Israel and Palestine without talking about food! We had chance to learn about and taste some za’atar which is a delicious mix of herbs and spices from the region, popular in dips and for adding a bit of zing to dishes. Plus, we were shown how to make our own hummus, so much nicer than shop-bought!

March 2018

Cocktail Making Masterclass

An event to help escape the winter blues – cocktails! Chris Dennis of Disrepute cocktail bar;, Soho’s latest members’ bar & drinking den – A hideaway for luxury libations, high jinks & late night liaisons.

Chris talked about the history of cocktails and showed us how to make Pornstar Martinis, two different punches, a Pendennis Club and Grasshoppers with some delicious tasters along the way.  We also learn about great flavours and ideas for non-alcoholic cocktails, along with top tips, secrets and techniques for mixing cocktails like a real pro!


February 2018

Essential Oils & Aromatherapy with Amelia Adrian

There’s something about cold, dark nights that makes many of us feel in need of a bit of  pampering and wellbeing. Which is why we were so delighted to have Amelia Adrian join us to give us an introduction to Essential Oils.

Amelia has been practicing meditation for 20 years and yoga for 10 years, taking inspiration from many forms & traditions, including Buddhism, Ashtanga, Vinyassa Flow, Forest, Hatha and Yin. Her knowledge and understanding of Essential Oils is an extension of her focus on helping people to feel better naturally.

This masterclass introduced us to the basics of using those Natural Remedies. She helped us take a look at common health and well-being issues and the Essential Oil solutions for them.  She will explained how they could help with – more energy, increased focus, better sleep, emotional balance, boosted immunity, clearer skin and easier breathing.

January 2018

Annual Quiz Night with Quizmaster Peter Hillyard

In January we once again welcoming our legendary quizmaster Peter Hillyard who put together a mind-bending quiz for us.  It was the perfect way for us all to get our brains going again after the Christmas break!

The annual quiz night was a wonderful ice-breaker for new members to get to know everyone.

There were prizes for the first, second, third and last team! Congratulations to the winning team!

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