About Us

We are a group of women from East Dulwich and the surrounding area, who get together once a month; to have a bit of fun, maybe a drink (or three…) and hopefully make some new local friends along the way.

We pride ourselves on being a friendly and chatty bunch, with an aim to provide a happy space for women of all ages and backgrounds, to share skills and discover new interests.

There’s an exciting programme of guest speakers, activities and entertainment lined up for members this year.

You can check them all out over on our events page. If you see something that takes your fancy, then please feel free to pop along as a guest to our next event, we’d love to meet you!

We meet on the first Wednesday of each month at The Lodge, above East Dulwich Tavern, 1 Lordship Lane, East Dulwich, SE22 8EW.

Meetings start at 7.30pm ( please come along from 7:00pm).


History of EDWI

Once upon a time in 2007, a young East Dulwich woman in her twenties, Katie Arnold, posted a message on the East Dulwich Forum to get a sense if there was any interest from other local women to meet once a month to share recipes, learn new skills or craft, and make new friends.

The response was really positive and initially they talked about joining an existing WI, but the nearest ones seemed to be a car journey away and the general feeling was that for this to work, the meetings would need to be within easy walking distance.

This would also facilitate the intended wine drinking.

A few weeks later, a small group met in Green & Blue to talk about how to go about setting up a local WI and the East Dulwich WI was formed soon after, in July 2007.

The first meeting was held upstairs at The Mag and was a huge success with over 30 members signing up. Word quickly spread and in no time at all the EDWI had outgrown its space and potential newcomers were asked to join a waiting list.

The need to find a more spacious venue was evident, so the monthly meetings were rearranged to be held in the upstairs room at EDT instead.

Several years on and the East Dulwich WI is still going strong.

Approximately 60 members of all ages meet each month in The Lodge, above East Dulwich Tavern.  The vibe is relaxed and friendly and even if you do not know a single other person, there will always be someone to make sure you are not left standing on your own!

It’s a great chance to get involved in the community, to meet people with similar interests, learn something new and have a giggle over a glass of wine, or whatever your favourite tipple is.

Arts and Crafts have historically always played an important role in the WI and they have traditionally always offered members the chance to develop new or existing skills, as well as provide women with educational opportunities, the chance to take part in a wide variety of activities and to campaign on issues that matter to them and their communities.

Although it considers itself to be a modern WI, the East Dulwich WI has remained true to this. Some previous events have included quiz nights, tai chi, yoga, wine tasting, jewellery making, veg-growing and swishing.

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